Our Values

Fair Legal and Founding Lawyer Charles Fair adheres to a core set of VALUES and does not compromise those values for the sake of pleasing clients or anyone else. These values include:

Ensuring that my actions on behalf of clients are consistent with my personal values and moral compass. 

Life is much simpler and happier when you have nothing to hide. 

Treating clients and all participants in the legal system with dignity, respect and, where appropriate, loyalty. 

I am not afraid to take on any case, no matter how ugly or unpopular. 

There, but for the grace of God, go I. 

Practicing law is fun, and I am constantly learning and improving my skills.

The FAIR LEGAL APPROACH to clients facing life-changing legal conflict:

  • Provide competent and effective legal counsel using a multi-disciplinary, holistic perspective. 
  • Work collaboratively and professionally with opposing counsel and litigants (to achieve out-of-court resolution, if possible). 
  • When negotiated resolution is not possible, advocate zealously in the courts with integrity, honour and courage.

We are your champions for justice when life gets messy.

Life Happens.
More Than a Lawyer.


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