Why is January Known As Divorce Month?

This unofficial nickname Divorce Month circulates through the offices of divorce and family lawyers and has become an almost accepted fact. And, lawyers gear up for this busy time of year. So, is the name ‘Divorce Month’ for January correct? Like all myths: it’s not completely accurate, but not completely wrong.

Many divorce lawyers can attest that, yes, January is a busy month for them. And, according to a study from the University of Washington, divorce rates spike after winter holidays and after summer holidays. It showed that many divorces are finalized in March, which implies that separated couples most likely began their divorce process in January.

Canada's divorced population is growing rapidly since 2020. Social and legal trends have made divorce more acceptable in Canada, according to a 2021 study by the Vanier Institute. Plus, there is a Covid-effect on divorce. A long-lasting impact of the global pandemic quarantines is that some couples who were already not happy in their relationship have realized that they do not want to be quarantined again with their spouse or partner, and they want to end the relationship now.

Canada is ranked as having the 29th highest divorce rate out of 87 countries in a recent global study. When it comes to overall divorce rates globally, Canada is near the middle of the pack with 48%.

With lengthy divorce court delays due to the pandemic starting to ease up, January 2022 may indeed be Divorce Month!

Why File For Divorce in January?

There is never a perfect time to make a life-changing decision, such as proceeding with a divorce, but many couples decide to take this giant step in January for several reasons.

  • After the Holidays
    Many people don’t want to ruin the holidays for their children or families by beginning divorce proceedings at Christmastime. Parents often want to preserve memories of this time special for their kids.
  • The Stress of the Holidays
    It’s no secret that the holidays are a stressful time of year. If a marriage is already in jeopardy, the pressure of the season may be what finally breaks a couple apart.
  • The Magic of the Holidays
    it’s easy to get caught up in the magic of the holidays. The Christmas shows on television, the outflow of love from family, and the seasonal joy are intoxicating. But, when the magic is over, and the new year begins, couples may face the reality that they still do not work well together.
  • A Time for Self-evaluation
    People often choose the new year to begin to put their lives in order and look toward the future, and sometimes that means ending an unhealthy marriage. For many, the new year is the perfect time for a new beginning.
  • Tax Reasons
    Some financial analysts believe that waiting until the new year to begin a divorce will help with your tax returns. Changing your financial status at the beginning of a year helps with end-of-year filings.

These are a couple of thoughts on why couples wait until January to begin the divorce process. Waiting for the right time for such an upheaval is a challenge. Waiting until after the holidays is the same reasoning why couples wait until fall; they hold off on filing until summer break and family vacations are over, or the fact that summer break was the final straw that broke the marriage.

Talk To a Divorce Lawyer

Before you talk to a divorce lawyer to begin divorce proceedings, we recommend evaluating your situation.

  • Are your relationship troubles more stress-related?
  • Can the marriage be salvaged with counselling?

If you have decided, or you and your partner have come to the understanding that it is time to part ways, then hiring a qualified divorce and family lawyer is your next step.

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