Free Webinar: Financial Disclosure

To Disclose or Not To Disclose: Financial Disclosure

Join Calgary Family Lawyer Charles Fair as he discusses divorce and financial disclosure. Divorce or separation can be emotionally challenging, but understanding the financial aspects is crucial for a smoother transition. Join us on November 23rd as we delve into the intricacies of financial disclosure during these life-changing events. Whether you're contemplating divorce, in the process, or supporting someone going through it, this webinar is for you!

Join our free webinar on November 23 at 7pm MST. Presented by Canadian Centre for Men and Families.

This is a free event and will be held on Zoom. The Zoom link will be available through Eventbrite upon your registration, or you can look forward to an email with the link.

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  • Free webinar via Zoom

  • November 23 at 7pm MST

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