Watch: Charles Fair on Criminal Defence Cases

In this video, Charles Fair, founder of Fair Legal, explains how criminal charges can cause severe disruptions in your professional and personal life. You will receive a glimpse of how hiring Fair Legal for your criminal defence can help you through this troubling time with the knowledge, empathy, and guidance that you deserve.

Watch: Charles Fair on Criminal Defence Cases


Hi, I'm Charles Fair, founder of Fair Legal.

We help our clients facing some of the most difficult problems that life throws at them.

If you are charged with committing a crime, my God, this can be a life-changing event. Whether you are wrongfully accused or you've done something that you really shouldn't have, or just got caught up in a situation that got out of control, no one should have to deal with this alone.

Wrongful convictions can happen and penalties can sometimes be way too harsh. Jail time and hefty fines are the most obvious penalties, but they are not the only ways that your life can change.

Liberties that we all take for granted, like travel, where you can live, who you can associate with, can all be taken away. You can lose your job and time with your family.

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested or charged with committing a crime, you need the help of a skilled criminal defence lawyer.

That is where I step in.

Having an intricate knowledge of how our criminal justice system works makes me better prepared and equipped to handle your case.

  • I will guide you through the legal process, and help you understand what is happening in your case.
  • I will review the evidence that is disclosed by the crown prosecutor, and develop a strategy to approach your case, including identifying and exploiting weaknesses in the evidence, using the Canadian Charter of Rights to challenge the admissibility of evidence, the validity of laws, or the fairness of the procedures.
  • Negotiate with the crown to resolve your case early, if possible.

A powerful strategy can lead to the dismissal of the case against you, an alternative resolution, or a lighter sentence.

If you choose to defend yourself, your efforts may not result in the desired outcome, especially if you're not aware of the legal process and intricacies involved.

You do not want to be unprepared.

To take the next step, call us at (403) 239-2249 or visit us at to schedule a confidential meeting with a member of our team.

Now, if you've already scheduled that meeting, I look forward to meeting with you for your first strategy session with Fair Legal.

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