Halloween Pranks: Could Your Teen Get in Trouble with the Law?

It's that time of year... when spooky goblins and masked superheroes parole the neighborhood demanding a sweet treat - or else they'll trick! Trick-or-treating is not just about collecting free candy. It's also a time for Halloween tricks and pranks which sometimes get out of hand.

Is your teen too old to join the trick-or-treat fun? Teens enjoy the candy treats and Halloween sweets just as much as the younger kids and adults. But sometimes, teenagers get caught up in Halloween tricks - and that can lead to problems.

Teenagers can get in trouble for Halloween pranks in a number of ways, including:

  • Property damage, such as throwing eggs at someone's house or car, messing up their mailbox, or spray-painting their driveway.
  • Unwanted intrusions on other people's property, such as sneaking around someone's backyard and causing a disturbance, or trying to get into their home to carry out a prank.
  • Fright and physical harm, such as issuing threats, jumping out at people and scaring them, tackling them on the ground, or carrying them against their will into a vehicle to drive off somewhere.

Other aspects of Halloween activities can also increase the chances of legal trouble, such as reckless driving.

If you do run into trouble, be sure to contact an experienced juvenile lawyer. The penalties for various crimes can range from fines and probation to detention for more serious infractions of the law.

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